Packing list for Indian students going to Canada

Packing list for Indian students going to Canada. Top 10 things to carry to Canada from India

Purchasing and packing things according to the guidelines given by the airlines is both stressful and exciting job. So, here I am again presenting you a highly organised packing list for Indian students going to Canada which was used by me, and it proved to be highly beneficial for me. So, lets get started with the detailed packing list for Canada which includes all the stuff from documents to clothes and much more. I give you my word of honour that after going through the checklist you will only be excited for the packing as all your stress would be relieved.

Moving to another country for studies in not that easy as we have a huge variety of items in front of us that are to be carried and somehow, we leave them and pack the less useful ones and then later we realise our mistake. Keeping this reason in mind this packing list for Canada is organised in such a way that it provides maximum clarity to you about the detailed list.

Top 10 things to carry to Canada from India

1) Travel Documents

They are the most important thing that need to be included in the packing list for Indian Students going to Canada or any other country. It should include the following items:

  • Valid Indian Passport and a Visa on it
  • Canadian study permit
  • Flight ticket and itinerary
  • Letter Of Acceptance (LOA) from the institution
  • International student tuition fees acknowledgement
  • Health and Travel insurance if necessary
  • Important Indian Documents such as

Important Indian Documents such as

  • Class 10th and 12th passing and migration certificates
  • Diploma/Graduation Certificate (No need if coming after 12th)
  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Drivers License
  • Dl Extract
  • Any Job experience letter
  • Passport size photographs (5-10)

Make sure to carry 2-3 photocopies of all these documents and put them in a file that you will carry along in your bag pack. Make separate files, one with the original documents and one with the photocopies and carry them in different bags so if the original ones get lost then you should have the photocopied ones.

2) Clothes

This section covers the largest part of your packing list for Canada as it has a huge variety in it. To embark upon, the climate of the country you are travelling decides the type of clothes we should pack but for a country like Canada where there are harsh winters, we need to include some warm stuff too in the list of things to carry to Canada from India.

Name of the item Table Header
10-12 pairs
3 pairs
T shirts
Shirts (Formal + Casual)
Sweatshirts and zippers
Winter Jacket (Do not buy new from India)
1 (if you have one)
Shoes and Slippers
Muffler and Caps
4-5 pairs
Formal Suit and Traditional Wear
1 each

The above table clearly mentions the list of mandatory items and their suggested quantity that are needed to be present in the list of things to carry to Canada from India.

3) Essentials (Toiletries)

You will not be able to go shopping to Canada as soon as you arrive in Canada so it is suggested that you should always include some amount of these items in your packing list for Canada so these can support you in your initial days in Canada.

These items include:

  • Small soaps (4-6)
  • Masks and Sanitizer
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrush
  • Sanitary Napkins
  • Deodorants

4) Utensils

Packing utensils in the most effective and space saving way is a crucial step as it requires more effort to pack this heavy stuff. So, the items mentioned below are some of the essential items that are to be included in the packing list for international students to Canada. Make sure all these items must have an induction base.

These items include:

  • 3 litre kadhai and pressure cooker
  • a frying pan
  • a sauce pan
  • Medium sized tawa
  • 2 plates (microwave friendly)
  • 2 spoons,2knives,2 folks
  • 2 glasses
  • required ladles [kadshi]
  • eggbeater or whisker
  • tea strainer
  • Rolling board and pins (chakla and belan) for rotis


Carrying food is a difficult task for people as we have a lot of options to carry but to carry only that food items that are necessary is a difficult choice. So, here is the list of the food items that are to be included in your packing list for Canada:

  • 10 maggies for initial days
  • All the masalas for At least year of usage [ also check expiry before buying]
  • Pinniyan [sweet dish] because they are healthy and keeps you warm in winters
  • Achar[pickle] but don’t forget to wrap it well in at least 5 -6 layers and then in a container because it can create a mess during travel if not packed properly

6) Prescription Medicines

Medicines play an important role in the packing list for international students to Canada as in Canada it is very expensive and less effective, so it is advised to bring these medicines from India with proper prescription from a MBBS doctor.

You can pack some of the general medicines for cough, cold and fever and other daily needs with you and if you are on any other prescription medicine make sure to carry that too with an expiry date of at least 2 years.

Here are some general medicines that you can carry:

  • Pain killers
  • Cough Syrups
  • Anti-allergic tablets
  • Antiseptic liquid

7) Electronics

It is indeed one of the most exciting categories in the packing list for Indian students going abroad, but we should keep in mind that the power outlets in any country especially Canada are different and don’t forget to carry universal adapters with you.

Here is the list of some items that can be included in the packing list for Canada with some tips that will help you to save your money:

  • Power bank (20000 mah)
  • Beard Trimmer
  • Headphones
  • Chargers and USB cables
  • Universal Adapters (2-3)
  • If you have any laptop and phone which is in good working condition then bring that only and no need to buy new ones from India because here you can get good deals (boxing day and black Friday) and moreover, you will get warranty of Canada.

8) Stationary

Although in Canada most of the work is done on laptops and submitted online, but students can bring some items such as:

  • 1-2 Registers
  • 1 Scientific Calculator
  • 3-4 Pens

9) Miscellaneous items

There are some other items that are not mentioned above but it is optional for some people if they have extra space, they can include these items in the list of things to carry to Canada from India:

  • 2-3 Bedsheets
  • 1 quilt (vacuum pressed)
  • Prescription Glasses (advised to bring extra one pair)

10) Blessings

Once you guys are done with all packing, don’t forget to carry the most important thing with you that are blessings of your parents and your near and dear ones as without these blessings nothing is useful. They play an integral part in your life in the other country as it gives you strength and courage to fight all the challenges that you will face in your life.

That’s pretty much guys, I tried to provide you every single detail about packing list for international students to Canada. I wish you best off luck for your bright future ahead and may god fulfill all your dreams.

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