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Hello, I am Akshit Basur. A boy with a tooney voice from Jammu and Kashmir part of INDIA. I came to Canada in 2018 in Toronto and graduated from Seneca College in Computer Networking program in 2020 and flew to Winnipeg to start the hustle for PR. 

Speaking of my youtube journey of almost 150,000 subscribers, I love making informative videos and lifestyle vlogs. Life is a journey and I believe in documenting it well. I will continue to provide you with the information and entertaining vlogs as it is what I am so passionate about. Speaking about my passion, I love singing and have been participating in many school concerts too so this is something very less people know about.

Aside from all these things, I am very passionate about investing and real estate and eager to learn new things about this domain as it is well said ‘ Learning is a journey not a destination’

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